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About Us « Spirit Acrobatic Gymnastics

About Us

Spirit Gymnastics Club, based in Yeovil, is surely the fastest growing new club in South Somerset!

Serving the Yeovil and Langport areas, and a stone’s throw from Sherborne and West Dorset, Spirit is a young and dynamic club that specialises in the exciting sport of acrobatic gymnastics. Only 10 years old, we are a not-for-profit organisation run entirely by an enthusiastic and dedicated team of parent-volunteers. All money raised by, or donated to, the club is used solely for the benefit of the gymnasts.

Ranging from 4 to 19 years of age, our gymnasts are a very friendly group of kids who are totally committed to the sport, the club and each other. New members receive a warm welcome into the group which cherishes its family feel. Once bitten by the Spirit Bug gymnasts find they want to return again and again, which is why we have been successful in growing over a very short period into a club that has consistently competed well at regional and national competitions, with invitations to compete at prestigious events such as the Heathrow Invitational Competition and Yate International. Our performances at the London Festival of Gymnastics are always highly praised by respected coaches from clubs the length of the country, and we are in regular demand to provide displays at events during the summer ranging from small school fetes to the Sherborne Castle Country Fair.

And yet we realise that competing is not for everyone, and we offer recreational classes for beginners to this sport. Beginners will benefit by improving their strength, co-ordination, balance, teamwork and courage. We find that some beginners have a go, but then prefer to move on and try another activity such as ballet, dance or free-running. The skills they will have learned at gym during even a short time will be well worth the effort.  For those who want to move upwards, we run a development class to bridge the gap up to the competition group, and with our senior competition group providing the inspiration, this is when we find young gymnasts get bitten by the bug and start to flourish as potential competitors. After that there is no looking back and we all enjoy watching our young people growing in confidence and ability!

AcroFusion is the name of our display team who deliver exciting and dynamic performances at non-competition events.  Team members are drawn exclusively from Spirit; gymnasts who have shown the right level of commitment and ability are invited to perform in the AcroFusion team, and they have all competed for the Club at least once. In 2012 AcroFusion finished third in the “Let Me Entertain You” finals at Yeovil’s Octagon Theatre, and the following year they went two better by winning in September 2013!

Thank you for visiting our website.  If you would like to contact us please use the Contact button or phone the Secretary on the number at the top of the page.

As a not-for-profit club, Spirit is grateful for the support of the following organisations during 2015/2016:

Performance 3000

Sherborne Castle Country Fair


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