About Acro Gymnastics

Acrobatic Gymnastics, or acro-gym, is one of the six main branches of the sport, regulated and governed by British Gymnastics (BG – at www.british-gymnastics.org).

The other five main areas are Artistic and Rhythmic Gymnastics (both familiar from the Olympics), plus Aerobic, Trampolining and Tumbling.  Great Britain is one of the World’s leading acro-gym nations, and Spirit is proud to be a club that specialises in acro-gym.

Acro-gym combines the strength of artistic with the musical interpretation of rhythmic, adds a bit of tumbling and the excitement of aerobic gym to create an entertaining, demanding and rewarding sport that quickly becomes an obsession! It is performed on a floor to music, in groups of 2, 3 or 4 who will gain marks from the judges for the difficulty of their moves, the stability of their balances and their artistic interpretation of the music. There are a number of ability categories, ranging from under-8 to international level, with difficulty to match. Girls compete in mixed pairs, women’s pairs and women’s trios, while boys compete in mixed pairs, men’s pairs and men’s fours. We often see girls joining and competing and most clubs have a majority of female members, but gymnastics is sport for both men and women! We especially welcome interest from boys of all ages who will find that their fitness and physique will benefit hugely from the sport!

The current (as of March 2014) British Champions in 12-18 Years Women’s Group are Issy Haigh, Lily Davies and Eddie Osborne.  Issy started her gymnastics at Spirit and still returns to pass on her experience and inspire the next generation when her training allows.  Former British Champion, European Gold and World Silver Medallist Chris Rogers, who is now retired from competing, is another who started at Spirit, and he now coaches full time in Kent, but he also gives us his support whenever he can.  These are just two examples of how gymnasts all over the country have reached a high level in the sport and want to give back their knowledge and experience to the next generation.  At Spirit we benefit greatly from their enthusiasm and this helps us to achieve so much for such a small club!

To get an idea of what acro-gym looks like, follow this link to see one of our senior partnerships, Issy Haigh and Tara Worledge, in action at the South West Preliminaries in February 2012: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0dLCsOtXbk0&list=TLES-QN7I3NLQ.

To see acro-gym at its absolute best, follow this link to watch guest coach and former Spirit member Chris Rogers winning European Gold with his partner Eleanor Franks: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbckKaWaYMw.

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